Friday, 21 February 2014

Welcome to Mellow Belly! 

I've taken the plunge on this glorious sunny day and, amidst the noise of my children playing on their Leappads, am typing this introduction to you all.

My vision for Mellow Belly is for it to be an enjoyable and informative way of learning about what food is produced locally and in turn, being able to turn that produce into delicious meals and treats.

You can spend less than half an hour online and you will find everything from organic vegetables delivered to your door, a virtual grow-it-yourself allotment scheme and sausages that are so famous they're sold at London's Borough Market. 

The most fantastic thing is that all of these things can be found within a 20 mile
radius of Boston.

But, as I laud the praises of the more famous businesses in our area, I also want
to find more of them!

So, look out for my next post, which will be a recipe using at least one of
our local delights. 

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