Monday, 24 February 2014

As I have just listed my Buttermilk Pancake recipe, I was thinking about the hero products we all have in our kitchen cupboards.

The products that spring to my mind straight away are:


I buy a carton of this every week now. It's 52p for a carton from Asda (I'm pretty sure Tesco's stock it too). I use it to make cakes (any type of cake), as I think it makes them particularly fluffy and moist. 

I also use it in my pancake batter instead of regular milk as it has the same effect. 

Worcestershire Sauce

I pretty much use a splash of this little gem in every casserole, pasta dish or stir fry I ever make. I splash it on cheese on toast or in baked beans. I've never come across anyone who doesn't like this and I would feel lost if I ran out!!

Sweet Chilli Sauce

I'm sure someone out there will tell me it's easy to make this but I do admit I buy it in a bottle! I had some tonight in fact with salmon fillets and brown rice. It just adds a spark to so many savoury dishes and is also a quick cheat's dip to go with crisps or veggie sticks.

I'd love to know what your hero products are! Comment below!


NellyElly said...

Heroes...homemade chicken stock, reduced down to within an inch of it's life and frozen in ice cube trays - bung in nearly anything. Smoked bacon - adds salt and flavour to most things. Capers - just one or two chopped really finely, almost paste under cheese on toast, stews, soup is amazing.

Unknown said...

Thank you for those fantastic suggestions!

Unknown said...

I've just been thinking about buying buttermilk to make some corn bread and was wondering what else I could use it for - this answers it brilliantly thank you! I'm loving this blog and your recipes so far... please keep adding more!

Unknown said...

Buttermilk is fantastic! Thanks so much for your comments mate. X