Thursday, 6 March 2014

Ribs 'n' Bibs Review - Saturday March 1st

Myself, my husband and two of our friends visited this cosy American Smokehouse last Saturday night. It was a double birthday celebration so we wanted to visit somewhere new and a little bit different.

Opened at the end of 2012, Ribs 'n' Bibs promises to serve authentic, regional American food. They smoke locally supplied meat 'in house' fresh every day.

The atmosphere as we walked in was warm and inviting. There wasn't a great deal of room to stand in the 'bar' area while you waited to be seated but luckily this wasn't an issue as we were shown to our table pretty much straight away.

We had a good table on the 1st floor. It was slightly cramped with how close the tables were but that didn't spoil the experience. We were given our menus and asked for our drinks order. I asked for the Grape Soda which unfortunately they didn't have (you don't often find that here in the UK). 

We placed our order from the menu. I liked that the menu wasn't overwhelming. We all found something different to eat (sometimes too much choice is a bad thing).

We ordered 3 starters between the 4 of us; Buffalo wings, Pizza fries and the Pulled pork Nachos. The wings and nachos were delicious. We actually said if we were to return for anything it would be for the nachos. The pizza fries however were disappointing. All of the fries on the menu were described as being 'crispy, skin-on fries'. All of the fries we were served were not. They tasted like oven fries.

The mains were tasty. We ordered the Smoked Garlic Chicken burger, the Pulled Pork burger, the Lincoln's Glory Hole and the Full rack of ribs. 

After suffering a little from the 'meat sweats' we decided to have just one dessert. We ordered the Sugared Churro's. I was apprehensive as I love Churro's but I wasn't disappointed. They were delicious.

Overall, it was a very nice evening. The service was prompt and pleasant and even though the food wasn't outstanding, it was tasty. The meat was delicious and definitely tasted, as they claimed, homemade. 

I give Ribs 'n' Bibs a rating of 3.5/5.

Happy Eating!

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